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June 2020

GRACE Accessed only by faith. God's forgiving mercy. The unmerited favor of God.

Oh, how He loves us. We don't deserve one ounce of His grace, but yet He lavishly and lovingly pours it into our hearts. This is the heart of the mission behind Hills of His Grace. We don't ask why. We just love. We want everyone we come into contact with to feel this same love. We want this community to wake up each morning knowing that Jesus took their place on the cross and that there is FREEDOM in this incredible gift! All they have to do is BELIEVE!

His grace has truly SHINED throughout Pignon during this pandemic. More children come every day to be fed, the increased food supply has been graciously supplied and funded, more children have found healing than ever before, and His word is being read from the Jesus Calling bible before every meal.

God is truly showing us that He moves through the hills and valleys of this world. He is unstoppable!

We pray that you are yours are covered in His complete protection through the remainder of this pandemic. We pray for you daily.

In Him,

Maegan Waltz

Co-Founder of HOHG

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