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Kim’s journey with Hills of His Grace began in December 2018 on an Orphan Care Trip in Haiti to learn about the international adoption process and love on a group of beautiful children for a few days. What she learned about the economy, education system, political instability and orphan care impacted her deeply. After her short time there she knew she wanted to help make a change in the cycle of poverty and aide in orphan prevention. After coming home Kim began relentlessly praying that God use her skills and experience to share Jesus Christ in Haiti and help make a positive change in the country. She contacted several organizations already working in country to inquire about volunteer opportunities and received no response, while heartbroken and disappointed at the time she now knows the lack of response was God’s intervention and reminder to be patient.

Kim believes that we could feed the children of Grace Hill 3 meals a day for the next 18 years and not have actually helped them. Through job creation (teachers, cooks, security), education, and locally purchasing supplies we are empowering our friends in Haiti by helping them to provide for their own families, opening doors for jobs and careers that are unattainable without an education and boosting the local economy. 

God has gone before us every step of the way in our journey with Hills. Introducing Maegan & Kim who live thousands of miles apart but have so much in common, new friends who have experience with starting schools in third world countries, providing beautiful fabric before we knew we would need it, quick approval of non-profit status which allowed for a large meal donation. The list goes on and on. God is Good, all the time God is Good.

Kim & Maegan have big dreams of sharing Jesus Christ, building a school, children’s home and medical clinic, breaking the poverty cycle and empowering the people of Haiti.  

A dear friend shared with Kim a reminder she and Maegan know to be true: What God initiates, he will sustain and fulfill. We are beyond thankful to be included in God’s plan in Haiti.

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