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One of Maegan's most favorite things is to look back on experiences and notice how God moved in marvelous ways. To see those "ah-ha" moments that take your breath away and leave you knowing that, "only God" could orchestrate something that amazing.... is just SO beautiful. 

Maegan is a busy momma of 4, with one of them being from Haiti! She is passionate about dreaming BIG, because she knows who is in charge. GOD! Maegan is so incredibly grateful for the first trip she took to Haiti several years ago. Not only did the Lord bring a very special place into her heart, but He also very sweetly connected Maegan and Kim (co-founder). Although miles separate them from being in Haiti more than they'd like, they love and work very closely on a daily basis with their hard-working team in Haiti. 

We wake up every morning with grace to start a new day. Not because we deserve it or did anything to earn's a gift. Maegan and Kim want everyone to know and feel this undeniable, compassionate love of God. God is good and God is love. While feeding, schooling, and caring for each child's needs is their priority, teaching them about the love of their father is most important. 

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