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December 2020

While 2020 was a year most people wished to forget, we at HoHG are going to be standing in awe of all of the amazing ways God moved in the year for a very long time.

2020 by the numbers (my favorite way to communicate):

  • $114,459 donations received

  • $53,770 ending account balance in the building fund

  • 1.5% allocation of total cash outlay to overhead operations

  • 16,666 meals served

  • 112 pairs of shoes that grow gifted

  • 55 Bibles & 25 Hymnals donated

  • 1 motorcycle purchased

  • 6 new full-time jobs created

  • $2,000 paid towards doctor visits or medicine purchases

Several years ago I read Jennie Allen’s book “Anything”, at that time I contemplated my true “anything” and what the word really meant to me in terms of service to the LORD. Standing in a small classroom overlooking a beautiful Haitian Orphanage I prayed to God and truly meant “anything”. He heard my prayer and already had his plans in motion on that sunny December day.

HoHG and Haiti are our anything. Some days the texts and calls are so many I contemplate pulling my hair out. But every day it is worth it. Every day the Students at Grace Hill School hear God’s word and further their education. Every day they are changing the path for themselves and their future generations. Every day these kiddos hear about Jesus they are one day closer to knowing him as their LORD and savior. We are honored to walk along side them in their journey to Christ.

We believe this is the way to change, one step and one day at a time. We believe in the country, the beautiful children there and the changes they will make for their families and communities in the future. We believe in Jesus and most of all the divine plan God has for us and for Haiti.

2020 isn’t the high for HoHG, we believe 2021 will send even more blessings. We currently have funds for and plans to purchase 41 mattresses and 95 pairs of shoes that grow. A building contractor has been engaged and plans to break ground on our permanent School building withing the first six months of the new year. Our next big project will involve livestock as a way to support our feeding program and as we begin to work towards self-sustainability (if you are a chicken coop expert give me a shout).

Thank you for believing in Hills of His Grace and trusting us with your donations. We pray over each decision made as we strive to be the best stewards of your gifts. We are humbled and blessed every day.

All my love,


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