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February 2021

I'm gonna sing,

in the middle of the storm

Louder and louder,

you're gonna hear my praises roar

Up from the ashes,

hope will arise

Death is defeated,

The King is alive!


I heard this song again this past weekend and it is such a blessing. Even when we cannot see it or feel it, He’s working. His word...His being...His presence gives us strength and that unparalleled JOY that we just can’t explain, other than...But God. His spirit and the power of His holy presence gives us the ability to SING His praises in the hardest of hard. We run to the Father because we know we can’t bear it alone.

He is our only HOPE and it’s such a precious thing to be able to share with the community in Haiti we serve. We pray for His word to lead every soul to the cross.

Last week there was a VBS program for the kids in the afternoon and I cant help but tear up thinking how powerful this was. Seeds are continuing to be planted...your prayers are being heard and being answered for these kiddos! More important than school, food, medicine, a Jesus. He’s the only reason we can SING in the storm.

I pray for your families daily and I hope you can SING through 2021.

In His Love,



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