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September 2020

Dear Hills of His Grace Family,

Happy Fall! I hope the changing of the seasons creates a joyful feeling in your heart! I LOVE watching God show off His beautiful creation in the fall! In Haiti, Grace Hill School is gearing up for a BLESSED school year! We currently have 103 children signed up and ready to start school! This has grown from 60 kids in the last month! Talk about God’s blessings surpassing our wildest dreams! The school inspector came out this past week and we are following all protocols to open on time in October! Please pray for the additional needed uniforms, supplies, curriculum, and teachers to multiply like loaves (Matthew 15:29-37). We trust! On top of these 103 school kiddos, we are also feeding an additional 60-80 children each day! Before every meal they hear about God’s word in their Jesus Calling bibles. If you have one of these in your own home, you know how special they are! Providing meals for this community has been a great way to bring them to hear God’s true word! We know you might have or know kiddos who are physically in school or at home doing virtual learning. Know we are praying for the health and well being of all students everywhere. While this year looks different for all kiddos, we continue to pray that His love would comfort every heart. In His Love, Maegan Waltz Co-founder of HOHG

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